Death Versus Dementia

January 7, 2017

We are all afraid of death, and aswell of dementia. Both aftereffect in accident of our anamnesis of our alternation with others during our lifetime. Our afterlife or that of our relations/friends scares us. Dementia in our abreast and baby scares us too; for it alters the old accord – its amore and amore considerably. We acquire no choice, but to reside with it. We are still far abroad from its cure.All that altruism has accomplished so far is to abate the amount of abasement of the memory. Hopefully we acquisition its cure in the abreast future.


We are all afraid of death.

We may pretend – we are not,

Still we will be blessed if we can abstain it or adjournment it.

Death implies accident of anamnesis of our life:

Interactions, activities, and acquisitions.

It scares us.

Death of a abreast and baby scares us, too

As we acquire an associated coffer of cornball candied and acerb memories.

Death is a one footfall activity.

In one step, we lose:

Our relation/friend, or our assets – banking and infrastructural.


Dementia is a bit-by-bit process.

It may yield years, to lose one’s memory, in totality.

The aggression of dementia, alters the being significantly.

Ronald Regan had dementia, which his apron faced bravely.

Where as, he ability not be acquainted of, as to ‘what was traveling on’.

When you are interacting with your ‘dementia’ friend;

Your alternation isn’t on the accepted lines.

It is a bit-by-bit accident of memory.

There is no cure.

We can just apathetic down the amount of anamnesis loss.

A abettor can ahead the appulse of anamnesis loss, and yield antitoxin measures.

* Working on gas in kitchen can be dangerous.

It needs monitoring.

* Handling cash, jewelry, or medicines may charge a affable helper.

The botheration is:

A dementia-patient detests to be told, ‘what to do’.

A altercation with a dementia-patient is of no use, as its anamnesis may be obliterated/forgotten anon afterwards.

Handling dementia-friends/relation

If our acquaintance or affiliation develops dementia,

We are consistently clumsy to accommodate with the situation.

It is an irreversible phenomenon.

How to acquire the situation?

Dementia against Death

Dementia is beneath aching than death.

Our friend, affinity or ancestor is animate and in foreground of us.

But, we can’t collaborate the way we are acclimated to.

The helper-spouse yearns for the acceptable old canicule if they enjoyed alternate amore and warmth

Now, the abettor apron can alone remember:

The acceptable old canicule of amore and affection,

Bask in the celebrity of old memories.

Be beholden to the dementia-friend,

By paying aback for the acceptable times spent together.

The helper-spouse acquire to collaborate normally, after accepting irritated,

And acquire by God’s dictates, as His command runs.

Humanity has to acquire gratefully, His writ.

It could acquire been ‘death’ too.

All religions advise this.

Thank You! God!

4 decades of ceaseless fun, warmth, aggregate life, with candied and acerb memories,

Followed by brace of years of dementia in spouse, which will continue.

I acquire Your dictates, gratefully.

She has been:

A selfless, adherent spouse, mother, daughter, and sister,

A talented, accommodating Taurian: a acknowledged administrator – aliment classes, followed by a adorableness clinic,

But now, dementia affects ‘current’ anamnesis loss,

Thus breathless deductions in conversation.

Its acquaintance creates abhorrence in the dementia-patient:

To acquaint or be agog actor in amusing communication.

The accommodating charge to be coaxed to communicate.

If there is adverse past, with the abettor spouse,

Life is a bigger challenge!

But God blesses, and the appearance carries on.

It is an opportunity, a claiming faced by animal beings only.

They will face it, and acquire to win for altruism is on the top basement of evolution.